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You might be interested in the Financial Section on this site. Banks, like Building Societies, often have a restricted range of services - and are notoriously conservative when investing your money. This usually results in very low rates of return. Our financial section covers other Financial Institutions, Mortgages, Investment Consultants, Credit & Finance Companies - and Crowd Funding!

Also see below for all the Building Societies around Your Postcode with their contact details. Just click through to go to a map, street views, reviews and a link to their own websites.


Barclays Bank

173 Dewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 5EG, UK – 0345 734 5345

Always a pleasure - good disabled access

Local bank

Lloyds Bank

Hunslet District Centre, Church St, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2AP, UK – 0345 300 0000

Always polite annd do their best to help sort problems

First Direct

40 Wakefield Rd, Leeds LS98 1FD, UK – 0345 610 0100

Been a loyal customer for around 17 years. Generally speaking they're very good with day to day stuff - the call centre staff are universally excellent. However their lending policy and procedures can be very odd. They've relatively recently made getting an overdraft or loan ridiculously complicated and drawn out - 45 mins examining your finances line by line. Given they have the details of all my regular transactions, they know what I earn it should be a simple, almost automated process to gain a small overdraft for a short period. I seem to remember it being much easier. Despite the warmth of the call centre team, as a bank they're incredibly rigid and when you really need them they don't come through. I'm considering changing banks as a result.

It's incredibly uncool to rave about a bank, but these guys are absolutely fantastic.

Building Societies

Leeds Building Society

665 Dewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 5LF, UK – 0113 225 8520

Local Chambers of Commerce for LS10 3SY. These can be an extraordinarily effective way of getting into the business community and / or getting things done. Equally they can be entirely useless depending on the chair. If they have networking events associated with them definitely go, and keep going, if you have a business that need local support. What you put in is exactly what you get out. Below is the national site. Watch this slot - it might improve!
St George's One Stop Centre

St Georges Centre, St Georges Rd, Leeds LS10 4UZ, UK – 0113 224 3119

Not really a problem with the place itself but trying to find information about the Minor Injuries Unit on the internet is difficult... searched for "St Georges Centre" on the internet and then selected the website for "St Georges One Stop Centre" assuming it was all one and the same thing, its not.. I think a disclaimer on Leeds City Council Website stating that the One Stop Centre is independent of the MIU would be helpful with maybe a link or alternative telephone number provided as I'm sure I'm not the only one that has made this mistake and contacted Leeds City Council in error regarding a medical appointment!!

Very helpful staff good facilities computers etc

Housing Leeds Hunslet (Leeds City Council Housing Service)

Navigation House, 8 George Mann Rd, Leeds LS10 1DJ, UK – 0800 188 4000

Information Technology Service Leeds City Council

Information Technology Service, Apex Centre, Leeds LS11 5LT, UK – 0113 222 4444

This link works well. If you have fly tipping, litter issues etc you can either click and enter your local authority or find it on an interactive map. The services just drop down for you.
Find the local council, MP and MEP for LS10. Type your postcode into relevant box and find details for your local councillor, MP and MEP. MPs can be extremely useful if you want a local issue aired or fixed. Get an appointment for a surgery meeting if you want to talk directly to your MP.

Councils have also become increasingly useful, business focused and lean. If you want something done think about contacting your local council or contacting your local representative. Click below to get the contact details of your representatives for the Leeds area
Find local dentists and dental practices around Leeds and LS10 3SY with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

Holbeck Dental Practice

73 Domestic St, Leeds LS11 9NS, UK – 0113 244 8259

Amazing dentist would recommend to anyone who is looking for a dentist

Hunslet Dental Surgery

50 Church St, Leeds LS10 2AR, UK – 0113 271 6623

I met with the dentist at the back end of last year as I had been considering braces to align some of my top teeth. I hadn't seen a dentist for around 8 years as I was petrified., however as soon as I met with Ian at Hunslet Dental, he immediately made me feel at ease. We discussed my options to align my top teeth and they were open and honest about the results that could be achieved. I decided to have braces fitted and it is the best thing I have done! No regrets what so ever! The whole process took less than 6 months, totally pain free and you could barely notice that I had braces on. The service that Ian and his colleagues provided was amazing! They would squeeze me in for any short notice appointments, even seeing me on their dinner hour some days. Ian is a trooper and a genuine down to earth guy who will go out of his way to look after you! His passion for his work and his clients results is refreshing and I can't thank him enough for the confidence he has given me. I was never going to get a perfect smile but he has without a doubt achieved the best results possible. If you are considering having any treatment or braces with Ian, don't even hesitate. Worth every penny!

Leeds City Dentalcare

159 Beeston Rd, Leeds LS11 6AW, UK – 0113 270 5020

Really impressed with the treatment carried out at Leeds City dental care and the dentist who saw me. The nurses and receptionists are all really friendly and welcoming and really helped me relax before I went into the surgery (I was very nervous as had not been for a few years). The building and interior is so nice and modern, doesn’t feel like you’re sat in a dental practice, it has more of a homely feel about it. A very well deserved 5 stars!

What a lovely building! On entry the reception staff were lovely and polite, and happy to answer all my questions! Managed to get an appointment the next day after I called with toothache! I got an appointment with Dr Brown- the owner and lead dentist, he was amazing, gave me all my options and didn't push me for an answer straight away. Reasonable price for quality care, will definitely be recommending. Thank you!

Lingwell Croft Surgery

16 Shelldrake Dr, Leeds LS10 3NB, UK – 0113 270 4848

I have been with this surgery for a few years now and have never had any issues-the Doctors are always helpful as are the reception staff. Using the online service is very effective-I can't recommend it enough

Very very busy doctors

Beeston Village Surgery

16 Town St, Leeds LS11 8PN, UK – 0113 272 0720

They are a great surgery, amazing staff and doctors. But forget it if you need to contact them in the morning, as soon as they've opened, they will DEFINITELY take their time to answer the phone.

Really quick service, friendly helpful staff. The doctor and nurse that I have seen were fab! Easy to get to, easy to use Internet facilities. Actually don't dread coming to the docs anymore!

Oakley Medical Practice

12 Oakley Terrace, Leeds LS11 5HT, UK – 0113 272 0900

Best doctors surgery with polite and helpful staff. I've been going here for over 20 years and wouldn't change it.

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.

British Gas - Breakdown & Repairs 0845 9 60 50 40

Fire - Ambulance - Police 999

Leeds City Medical Practice

123 Cemetery Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS11 8LH, UK – 0113 467 7500

I have never had a problem with the staff they are always friendly and the doctors are always helpful.the only bad thing is it is really hard to get an appointment there is always a wait time of atleast 2 weeks

St Georges Centre Minor Injuries Unit

St Georges Rd, Leeds LS10 4UZ, UK – 0113 392 9801

Just got back from St. George's minor injuries. My daughter's facial wound is dressed, and we have been given the appropriate medication. In and out in 30 minutes. Lovely friendly staff. This is the first time I have reviewed but my family always receive a 5 star service. Thanks again, it's so reassuring to know you are there.

I have mixed reviews about this centre most of the staff are very nice and friendly but there is the odd one that is not . I have had good service and very bad service from this place but it is always busy and I think the staff need more training. I took my daughter there after a fall down some stairs as her foot swelled and she couldn't walk ( after the school called me ) and they xrayed it and said it was just a sprain , unsatisfied with the pain she was in I went to A&E and she had broken her foot in two places .

The Watch Hospital

Unit 60, White Rose Centre, Churwell, Leeds LS11 8LL, UK – 0113 225 1900

Amazing service, incredibly low prices. Omega wanted £125 for a new battery and reseal. These guys only charge £29.99. They're really nice guys and they clearly know their stuff. They'll even try to save you money where they can and you're already saving money by going there. By the way, my human told me all this, I don't even wear a watch. I'm a parrot. 😂

Just visited The Watch Hospital again. They are always helpful and friendly. They never rip you off. At a previous visit they gave me some good advice about buying a watch and they weren’t pushy, just left me to make my own decision. I would highly recommend The Watch Hospital, you will always get an efficient service.

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for LS10 3SY.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for LS10 3SY
This Parliamentary website will find MPs - just type in your postcode. It also gives details of how to contact your MP

Find Local Churches & Places of Worship

St Marys Parish Church Beeston

Town Street, Leeds LS11 8PN, UK – 0113 272 3337

I was married in this church in 1950

St Peter's Church

Belle Isle Rd, Leeds LS10 3QN, UK

Very good familey church for all ages share gods love

St Anthonys R C Church

St Anthonys Presbytery/19 Old La, Leeds LS11 7AA, UK – 0113 271 6597

Lovely church!

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.
This is a brilliant site. Click to see virtually everything you are likely to need to know about the Police and crime statistics around Leeds. You can often even see a photo of your local policeman!

Crimestoppers - Call 0800 555111 or 101 for non emergency

Find Recycling Centres

EMR Leeds Knowsthorpe Way

Cross Green Industrial Estate, 25 Knowsthorpe Rd, Leeds LS9 0SW, UK – 0113 240 6667

Just been in a the lads couldn't of done more for me, offered the best prices locally, turn around was quick and helped me unload on to the scales. I'd heard tales of the yard being a mess but I was impressed with how clean it was when I arrived. They've set me up with an account so now I can use any EMR yard in the UK brilliant stuff, will definitely be using again.

Middleton (Holmewell Road) Recycling Site

Holme Well Rd, Middleton, Leeds LS10 4TQ, UK – 0113 271 3020

Staff always willing to rummage through your stuff to pick the best stuff out first, more than happy to store this "good stuff" round the back of there office. When it comes to helping you with the bad stuff not as helpful. Did see one member jump in a skip once to rescue what I thought must of been a highly valuable antique, turned out to be a pot dog.

As a OAP (73) I find them very helpfull and they are good at thy job.

Recycling Point

Morley, Leeds LS27 8PU, UK

Very handy to have. One of the few places in Leeds where you can recycle food and drink (Tetrapak) cartons.

Give and get free stuff. Here you will find lots of items that people are willing to give away, for FREE! This is instead of taking them to a local landfill site. The aim of this site is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill (20.9 million tonnes of it last year in the UK) and recycling is great news for the environment.
We all know that we need to recycle more - and this is a great way of doing it.
You may prefer to go through to our Eating Out page which has a complete range of places you can go from the most economical to the most lavish.  Please CLICK HERE!

You will also find Take Aways and Pubs in this section. Enjoy!

Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Leeds

Bison Steakhouse

151 Dewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 5NW, UK – 0113 345 7216

Beef burgers were nice and juicy. The lack of temperature or "doneness" was slightly disappointing as I love my burgers medium rare. They cook burgers by default medium-well but it was still nice. However this place only has 4-5 tables so this place isn't suitable for big groups!

This isn't a place where you go with a large group of friends or family, it is a very small steakhouse with around 12 seats so best to go with 1 or 2 of your friends, and if it is a full house then it is really cramped. You can find parking late night after 8pm on the main road or look through the side roads. The chef is fantastic and can cook to a high quality better than premium steakhouses such as Toros etc. I ordered the Angus burger, wings and chips with creamy mash (£13.65) . Everything tasted so exceptional and the food was ready in 15 minutes. Such a good place if you just want something quick and not be in a fancy setting, the service is fantastic too as the manager has good recommendations. Drawback is you may come in and not find a steak available as they may not have stocked up, so it depends, so you'll have to settle for something else, but yeah come here for a quick casual bite with decent food.

Clayton Hotel Leeds

Sweet St, Leeds LS11 9AT, UK – 0113 234 2340

What a fantastic hotel The Clayton is, our weekend was planned around the hotel, we found the perfect one! The Clayton from our first minutes inside was fantastic, a warm welcome and with helpful friendly reception staff. They instantly helped with our car parking queries to the final addition of Breakfast on one of our rooms! Fantastic room size, unbelievably comfy beds! 5* SHOWER! with fantastic towels! Finally we were ready to hit the City of Leeds, a quick chat with receptionist and a cab was ordered! Can't thank you enough for a fantastic weekend in Leeds! Tom

Great value hotel a little way out from town, but a cheap taxi ride away. The rooms are spacious, clean and well appointed. Trouser presses are standard issue as is a kettle. Shower was good and the bed was top draw. I go here when I want a boozy night in Leeds, great value. Friendly staff!

The White Rose

Wide Ln, Morley, Leeds LS27 8PL, UK – 0113 252 3720

Had good birthday meal for 9 people. Mix of normal menu and Christmas menu. Food opinions ranged from good to very good. Prices are reasonable and food is solid and consistent standard. Place was busy but our waitress was exceptional and she had only been working there 2 weeks. All our party left happy.

Lovely meal. Everything was just as we ordered. Friendly staff. Only criticism is the waiting time to be served and the coldness of the restaurant. Does seem much better than visit though and we will return.

Nursery and Preschools

Little Clovers Nursery

18 Brown Lane West, Leeds LS11 0DN, UK – 0113 345 0958

Great nursery which has contributed fantastically to my child's development. The nursery provides very comprehensive and regular updates with specialist childcare software. Other positives include the large amount of space for the children and the friendly staff.

Daisy Chain Childcare Ltd

High Ridge Park, Rothwell, Yorkshire LS26 0NL, UK – 0113 282 5766

I just wanted to say how brilliant Daisy Chain is and how fantastic the staff are. My child started in Jan 2012 and just left in July this year, he found it difficult to sit still, he was very insecure, struggled with social skills and his behaviour was challenging. He started 2 afternoons per week, then went to 3 at Lofthouse and in a very short time he made improvements. Now 18 months later, his communication skills are fantastic, he has a brilliant concentration span and his maths skills are extremely advanced. He has learned to play with other children, in fact I would never believe how much difference your nursery could have made to his life. Julie and the Elves team have been absolutely fantastic and offered us so much help and support, without them I don't think we would have made so much progress. I can not express how grateful I am for the support and care you have all shown towards my son, he would definitely not be at the standard he is without daisy chain. Once again, thank you for your outstanding nursery service.

As it is my son’s last day at your nursery I thought it would be a good opportunity to recognise the staff within the Elves room. Fortunately Jess has been my son’s key worker throughout his time at Daisy Chain. My son has a fantastic bond with Jess and it is evident this has benefitted him greatly in his development. More recently he has formed a fantastic bond with both Debi and Lisa. Again, like Jess these are friendly, helpful and professional members of staff. I have always been grateful for feedback on my son’s time at nursery at the end of the day and find that the Elves team always deliver this in an extremely effective way. They are more than accommodating to my son’s requests and we feel comfortable leaving him given their professional and courteous manner. I would be grateful if you would recognise Jess, Debi and Lisa internally as I personally believe they are a credit to Daisy Chain.

Middleton Primary School

Middleton Park Ave, Leeds LS10 4HU, UK – 0113 271 7969

It is amazing! Shout out to Mr Jones! And Mr Love! Best primary school ever

Great teachers really caring and helpful I loved being in this primary school.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Beeston Primary School

Town St, Leeds LS11 8PN, UK – 0113 271 6978

Brilliant school, brilliant kids, brilliant staff. The best school in Beeston and my kids love it and are doing exceptionally well. They have also done really well recently at Ofsted

This school is a loving school I recommend this to adults who are coming up for there child to go to primary school it is good and the teachers are helpful and kind regards Beeston primary school child Hope you find this helpful and come to your loving school

St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School

Lady Pit Ln, Leeds LS11 6RX, UK – 0113 270 0978

A small primary school,located near a main road and another primary school

Fantastic school

Cockburn School

Gipsy Ln, Leeds LS11 5TT, UK – 0113 271 9962

Visit the school for my granddaughters ballet show..nice and clean good theatre within school

I really like the school because it has a great review and because a come to the dance on a Thursday And because I might be coming to your school.

Public & Preparatory Schools

Middleton Primary School

Middleton Park Ave, Leeds LS10 4HU, UK – 0113 271 7969

It is amazing! Shout out to Mr Jones! And Mr Love! Best primary school ever

Great teachers really caring and helpful I loved being in this primary school.

See all sorts of shops near you.
Local social service agencies for LS10 3SY with contact details and location maps

Gas Transco

0800 111999

British Gas Breakdown & Repairs

0845 9 60 50 40
Local electricity supply companies for LS10 3SY with contact details and location maps
Local gas supply companies for LS10 3SY, including bottled gas, with contact details and location maps
Local water supply and treatment companies for LS10 3SY with contact details and location maps

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